Our activities

  • pulmonology with treatment of shortness of breath, chronic cough, chest pain, chronic bronchitis, sleep disorders and snoring
  • allergology with asthma and allergic rhinitis diagnostics
  • bronchoscopy with evaluation of lung cancer and interstitial lung disease
  • nasoscopy and X-rays of the sinuses
  • allergy testing and nitric oxide in exhaled air
  • laboratory for sleep disorders with sleep polygraph (SP)
  • diagnostics of snoring and sleep apnea (sleep polygraphy is also performed in Ljubljana) (www.pulmologija.si)
  • CPAP titration and follow up of patients with OSA (obstructive sleep apnea)
  • cycle ergo meter (CEM) and treadmill
  • spirometry, respiratory resistance, diffusing capacity for carbon monoxide (CO) and metacholine testing
  • X-ray of the lung and heart
  • ultrasound of the pulmonary pleurae
  • Integrated internistic evaluation (lung, heart, hypertension, GERD, rhinitis…)
  • Immunotherapy against dust mite and meadow flowers (grasses?)
  • school of asthma and school of COPD
  • management checks for divers with counseling
  • Court expert opinion (?)
  • second opinion in internistics and pulmonology
  • medical chamber license for pumonology and internal medicine
  • experienced and highly qualified medical team
  • short waiting times
  • patients receive typewritten medical report immediately after examination
  • close proximity to General Hospital with prearranged councilor services
  • ambulance is on the ground floor, access for disabled
  • free internet access in the lobby
  • free parking in the immediate vicinity of the ambulance
  • examinations are can also be covered by health insurance (for residents)


Business unit:

Pulmološka in internistična ambulanta, Partizanska pot 16, 2380 Slovenj Gradec 
tel: 00 38659 255 000 
fax: 00 386 59 227 496 
Mob : 00 386 51 623 588 

E-mail : ambulanta@pulmolog.com